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  • Bulgari, an Italian brand inspired by the rich Roman history honours its culture and heritage through modern design and products ranging from jewellery, fragrances, and accessories to watches. Harmonised with Rome’s ancient history, Bulgari incorporates the city’s symbolism while innovating its design for the future. With a history dating back to 1884, Bulgari opened its pioneer shop in Via dei Condotti. In 2014 Bulgari finished 130 years of excellence in luxury. From its origin at the Via dei Condotti flagship store to a diversified global presence today, Bulgari has managed to create a name for itself like no other luxury brand. You understand the popularity of Bulgari from its many fan followers. Richard Burton said once, “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari.” This mere statement makes you realise how diversified and extraordinary the popularity of the brand is. Bulgari managed to reinterpret the mystic beauty of the Roman era through its iconic designs and use of rare stones. In order to honour its ancient roman history, the brand integrated the Latin “V” epigraphy of its family name into the logo. The first time this logo was revealed to the world was in 1934 at the renovated Bulgari store in Italy. The iconic collections by Bulgari include Serpenti, Bulgari Bulgari, Octo, Diagono and so on. Each watch is a fashion statement in itself and stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique design and unparalleled technology.

    At Ethos we bring to you the best from the brand. With an exquisite variety of watches for both men and women, their collections are always in demand. Recognizing the importance of providing customers with an enriching buying experience, Ethos gives you the advantage of visiting any one of our 45 watch boutiques across India. Situated at prime locations, the stores are easily accessible and of world class standards with expert staff.

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