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Jewellery and watches have always been interlinked, but there is a quantum leap from a gem-set bezel to the intricate wrist-worn jewellery watches by BVLGARI. Set deep within their Roman DNA, the pure exuberance of the Italian Dolce Vita comes alive in the BVLGARI Allegra collection. This is dazzling Joie De Vivre on a strap that willfully crosses the boundaries of fashion and horology. While there are Feuille's hands on this sparkling mother of pearl dial, here the mundane notion of time telling is but a mere distraction. The BVLGARI Allegra collection is jewellery made art first and a watch only second. It will make you break into a smile from two metres away such is the sheer brilliance of this garland of jewels.


A beautiful cocktail of various gems such as diamonds, sapphires, pink tourmaline, and peridots, the Allegra takes its inspiration from the post-war era designs of the brand. With bright, cabochon-cut precious stones, the timepieces can be classified as cocktail watches.

The Stones

The BVLGARI Allegra collection features an assortment of precious stones. To be precise, these are 82 round brilliant cut diamonds, 2 mixed-cut citrines, 2 mixed-cut amethysts, 1 fancy-cut peridot, 2 cabochon-cut blue topaz, and 1 fancy-cut rhodolite. These stones are fixed over an 18-kt gold case.

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