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Certified Authentic Watches With 2-Year Warranty*


We have the expertise to check the authenticity and to ensure that each time piece is in great condition for its new owner to enjoy.


At Ethos, every watch goes through a series of quality checks by our in-house technicians before it is sold to its new owner. As assurance of this, we provide you with a 2 year warranty for the pre-owned watch you buy.


All pre-owned watches sold at Ethos are 100% genuine and are put through a series of tests to check the authenticity and performance.


The prices we quote for each pre-owned watch is based on a thorough assessment of its current market value, and its years of use. This makes it a fair price.

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Ethos the largest most trusted luxury watch retailer in India brings to you
100 % authentic pre owned luxury watches.

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  • What do I need to provide for cost estimation?

    Pictures of your watch, its warranty card and details on availability of invoice and box.

  • Is there a limit on the number of watches I can sell?


  • How do stores send watches?

    Stores send us the watches via a courier service.

  • How long does it take to inspect the watch?

    It usually takes two to three business days.

  • How will I get paid?

    Through cheque or credit note—whichever is suitable for you.

  • Do I get a warranty for my pre-owned watch?

    Ethos covers a two-year warranty for your pre-owned watch.

  • How long do you take to quote an estimated price for a watch?

    Up to seven business days.

  • Will I get any document on depositing my watch at the boutique?

    Yes, the store will issue you a document.

  • I don’t have the original invoice, warranty, or box for my watch. Would it affect the price that I can get for the watch?

    Yes it will.

  • Is it possible for your team to give me the exact price for my watch based only on its images and description?

    Images are only for initial evaluation. For the final quote we need to do a physical check.

  • Is there any paperwork I need to do?

    Yes; once you agree with the offer, the pre-owned team will share with you the necessary paperwork to complete.

  • What do you not buy?

    We don't buy fake, replica, or copies of watches. Any fake watch that reaches us will not be returned to the client, who will be charged for the courier expenses and evaluation charges.

  • When will I receive payment for my watch?

    Once you have accepted the final offer and completed the necessary paper work. You will get the payment through cheque in minimum 2 weeks or minimum 3 days for Credit Note which can be redeemed at any ethos boutique for any brand for the same or more value of the voucher.

  • How can i get in touch?

    If you have any further queries, please call us on 011-41421681.

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