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Watch 101 – The Subtle Art of Aging your Watch

One of the most interesting trends in the watch market has been the sudden influx of ‘vintage’ looking timepieces. B... Read More
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Watch 101: What makes a watch a Collectible?

At the outset I must point out all great watches may not be collectible and for good reasons. I remember visiting the re... Read More
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Best of Baselworld 2017 – Top 30 New Watches for Men

Another year, another Baselworld, come and gone. For starters, it was as busy as ever with at least a thousand brands sh... Read More
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What makes a watch truly “Swiss Made” ?

Switzerland. The land of delicious Swiss chocolates, picturesque Swiss Alps and the epicentre of horology. One look at a... Read More
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Truth be told: All you need to know about Mechanical Watch Calibres / Movements

It’s hard to recall a time when a movement or ‘Calibre’, was the hero of the watch. Clearly, it isn’t the case t... Read More
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The making of a watch legend: The Rado DiaStar

The first time I laid my eyes on the Rado DiaStar was in December 2015 when I was a newbie at The Watch Guide. To be hon... Read More
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Rolex Oyster Perpetual – The history behind it and what it really means

It all started last month when I was researching for my first ever blog on Rolex. It wasn’t until then that I real... Read More
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Watch Certification and Accuracy – Does it Matter?

While going through the many features of your favourite watch, you must have definitely come across ‘certification... Read More