An alarming number of Luxury Watches Sold
In India are Smuggled, Fake Or Refurbished
5 tips you must read before buying your luxury watch
(And how Ethos Watch Boutiques protects you)
Beware Of Smuggled, Refurbished & Fake Watches Sold In India
Unfortunately these malpractices are increasing in India and can ruin the experience of buying of a luxury watch. Smuggled watches are watches that are illegally imported into India and can get you in trouble with customs or tax authorities in India or abroad. Refurbished watches are unregistered second hand watches which are polished and sold as new watches. Fake watches are replicas which look like the original watch especially when placed in a high end store, but will stop working within a few months or years. Compromised watches are genuine watches which have been tampered with replaced fake parts (the warranty will not be valid on such watches).

Learn how Ethos protects you
Ethos Watch Boutiques will never indulge in any malpractice and has launched a massive campaign against them. Ethos plans to educate 2,000,000 consumers by the end of 2016.
An Authorised Retailer Is Vital But Not Sufficient For Safe Purchase
It is absolutely essential to buy a watch from an authorised retailer. But it is only a necessary precaution, not a sufficient one. Authorised retailers could be offering smuggled watches together with genuinely imported watches, or refurbished, repolished used watches passing off as new. There have been repeated instances of fake watches found at authorised retailers. An authorised retailer may be selling 50% of the watches that are bought legally from the brand but may also be selling 50% of the watches which are smuggled, refurbished watches sold as new ones or simply fake watches. When shopping online, this problem is amplified hugely as the sellers on large marketplaces are not even authorised retailers. To protect yourself, choose a retailer that is trustworthy, works with professional management and absolute transparency, and one that actively fights such malpractices.
Learn how Ethos protects you
Ethos Watch Boutiques, subsidiary of a BSE listed company (KDDL Limited), is India's most trusted retailer with 40 luxury boutiques across India. With over 200 professionals from the finest universities of India and strong transparent systems running the company, we ensure that every watch sold at Ethos is legally bought into India, bought directly from the brand.
Don't Choose Your Retailer Based On The Discount Alone
Many customers think that the best deal is when you get the highest discount. However you should be especially careful if you are offered a deal that seems too-good-to-be-true. A retailer may be able to give an extra discount only if a share of his watches is smuggled, refurbished or fake! While a good price is important, a great deal is when your watch is free from all malpractices, when the retailer believes in responsible luxury by paying all the taxes of the country and when you know that the watch you buy will be one that can be passed on to the next generation. The extra 3-5% cost will be forgotten and you will enjoy the peace of mind of having bought a risk-free luxury watch.

Learn how Ethos protects you
Ethos Watch Boutiques provides great pricing and ensures that your watch is not part of any malpractice. Remember the best deal that you get on a watch is not one that gives you the lowest price. The best deal is the one in which you get the best price for a watch with no chance of it being smuggled, fake or refurbished.
Insurance, Loyalty Programmes And Value Added Products Are Actually Very Valuable
Value adds like insurance against theft and damage are extremely valuable add-ons that go a long way in ensuring that your watch remains safe. A loyalty programme ensures that you get priceless experiences like invitations to factories in Switzerland, exclusive events in India like dinners with the founders or business heads of the brand you have bought. Other value-adds to look out for are watch winders, watch care kits, subscription to watch magazines, free watch checkups and service offerings among other things.
Learn how Ethos protects you
Ethos Watch Boutiques is the only retailer in India which can provide insurance against theft and damage. We have an award winning loyalty programme supported by 50 luxury watch brands. Our service centres are equipped to international standards and we offer great after sales service. No other retailer can match our value adds.
Never Buy A Watch Without A Bill And Warranty
You must always get a bill and a warranty for your watch. Never buy a watch without a bill and carry a copy when travelling (especially abroad). The bill ensures that you won't get into trouble with the authorities. Remember that not only Indian customs, but even Swiss customs can and do intercept travellers with expensive watches to check for tax compliance. The bill also signifies that the retailer has paid the sales tax and is not indulging in malpractices.
Learn how Ethos protects you
Ethos Watch Boutiques will provide a bill and warranty for every watch that we sell.

Why are these watches bad for me?
How can smuggled watches get me into trouble?

Reduced life or damaged

Smuggled watches are brought into India through agents in terrible conditions – google shows many videos of the favourite method, smuggling them in plastic bags inserted in the posterior! Such mistreatment reduce the life of the watch by damaging critical parts.

Warranty may not be covered

Many times the smuggled watches turn out to be refurbished watches. The warranty on these will not hold good and you may face a tough time in the after sales service.

Trouble with government agencies

If government agencies such as customs or income tax (while travelling through airports) detect a smuggled watch – then you may end up in trouble and may have to explain how it is with you.

Even the seller may be unaware until
the watch goes for repair

The seller usually does not smuggle in the watches himself. An agent usually does this for him and hands the watches to the seller. If the agent switches a few watches with fakes or refurbished ones, the seller may not even know. This is not a rare occurrence.