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Tissot - Innovators by Tradition

Tissot is symbolised with a plus sign within the Swiss flag depicting the Swiss quality and reliability since 1853. Worldwide, Tissot watches is considered a leader amongst the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and exports more than 4 million watches every year.  Tissot’s motto, ‘Innovators by Tradition’ states the high quality of the brand and each and every component of their timepieces are recognized around the world.

The official timekeeper and partner of many worldwide events, Tissot has partnered with NBA and FIFA. Moreover, Tissot watches have also been the official timekeeper of the Tour de France and the UCI World cycling championships. In the motorsport segment, Tissot provided the timekeeping duties to MOTOGPM and the FIM World Superbike championship.

The flagship products of Tissot are Tissot T-Touch (The first tactile watch). Tissot Le Locle, Classic, an automatic watch with 80 hours of power reserve, and Tissot T-Race. With a wide range of collections, Tissot offers timepieces under Classic, Sport, Heritage, T-Touch, Pocket, and Gold collections.

Tissot’s Mechanical Acumen

Powermatic 80

Known for manufacturing movements with precision and sophistication, Tissot’s Powermatic is a movement specifying the brand’s approach towards making brilliant movements. A movement with 80 hours of power reserve, a watch with a powermatic movement can tell time accurately for three days. 

Swissmatic 72

The Swiss watchmaking industry is blessed with the Swissmatic movement, a true example of innovation. This affordable movement is available at a price that not many are able to afford because of the automatic production chain in their facilities. Providing 72 hours of power reserve, the Swissmatic 72 can provide accurate time-telling capabilities without being worn for three days.


Many of the timepieces in the Tissot hangar are equipped with the movements provided by Valjoux. Valjoux is known for creating reliable and time tested movements that are capable of providing sophisticated time-telling capabilities.


We live in an electromagnetic world and are surrounded by objects such as mobile phones, computers, radio, and magnetic closure. The balance spring is susceptible to these magnetic fields and obstructs the accuracy of many timepieces. Tissot gauged the situation and came up with a titanium-based alloy called the Nivachron. This alloy turned out to be a blessing for the accuracy of the timepieces and was not susceptible to magnetic anomalies as compared to the traditional balance springs.

The Collections

The Classic

The Classic collection under Tissot’s umbrella employs a line of watches that imbibe the idea of opulence and leave mediocracy behind. For most, the Tissot Classic collection tells the classic story of Tissot’s roots in the watchmaking industry. To expand on the idea, Tissot employed certain timepieces under this collection such as the Classic Dream, the LeLocle Powermatic 80, the Carson Premium Chronograph, and the PR 100.

The Sport

In a bid to manufacture rugged Swiss-made watches, Tissot created the Sport collection. The Sport collection curates to the outgoing personalities and inculcates the doctrine of Tissot’s mechanical acumen. With stylish dials and complicated chronographs, the Sport collection is both aesthetically pleasing and carefully curated. The Sport collection employs various series such as the Seastar 100, Chrono XL, Supersport Chrono, T-Race, and LeLocle. 

One line of watches that will catch your attention is the T-Race series. A series of timepieces with perfect proportions for being a sports watch, the T-Race series generates that overwhelming feeling of infatuation with accurate timekeeping abilities.

The Heritage

For centuries Tissot has pioneered the methodology of the watchmaking industry. With years of experience under their belt, Tissot employs the Heritage collection. The Heritage collection is a homage, a celebration of Tissot’s centuries-old watchmaking tradition. Under this collection, Tissot recreates its historical masterpieces with a blend of modernism. Under the Heritage collection, Tissot offers three different series, the Heritage Porto, Heritage, and Visodate.

Brand Video

Tissot T-Classic - T035.617.11.051.00

Tissot T-Classic

Very nice and beautiful watch. I recently gifted this watch to my relative who is very close to me. A perfect watch with all the features and a masterpiece for daily wear. Thanks to Tissot and Ethos for making this watch available here.

By Kishora Shetty

Tissot T-Classic - T063.617.36.037.00

Tissot T-Classic

Thank you so much for the choices you gave me. I appreciate all the trouble you took to make sure I get the best product, service and value for money.

By dilip jain

Tissot T-Classic - T063.610.16.038.00

Tissot T-Classic

Wanted to purchase a traditional formal dress watch and this watch was a perfect fit for my requirements. The big dial highlights contours well and the sapphire crystal glass helps against scratches. The leather band with the new locking sy...view more

By Khaja Mohiuddin

Tissot T-Classic - T006.407.16.033.00

Tissot T-Classic

Lovely dress watch with a hint of old school charm and minimal design. Really gorgeous to look at. Owned this for 3 months What I like: - Absolutely beautiful to look at, just exudes class. Its a really gorgeous dress watch - Thin and ...view more

By Alfred Alexander