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Omega - Exact Time For Life

Omega, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt. Louis started his watchmaking journey in a small workshop situated in the small Swiss village of La Chaux-de-Fonds. During this era, Louis created the world’s first minute-repeater wristwatch. After Louis’s death, the brand was taken over by his sons Louis-Paul and Cesar. On 1st August 1894, Omega launched its famed 19-ligne Calibre. What made this calibre special was its extraordinary accurate timekeeping abilities and the fact that each and every component of this collection could be replaced by any watchmaker without any modifications. Post these achievements, Omega went on to produce the world’s first divers watch made available to civilians. While making history, Omega also changed the world of horology by introducing a tourbillon in a wristwatch. These achievements made Omega the forerunner of accurate timepieces and were chosen as the official timekeeper of the Olympic games in 1932. Since then, Omega has been the official timekeeper of the Olympic games on 28 occasions.

Whilst going through the quartz crisis, a crisis where the Swiss watchmaking industry was threatened by the battery-operated watches from Japan, Omega was acquired by the luxury brand conglomerate, ASUAG-SSIH, later known as the Swatch group.  

The MoonWatch

The brand has created some of the most influential timepieces in history through a proud legacy of commitment to innovation. For the sky's the limit, literally. The brand had participated in the first moon landing in 1962 and then the other 5 lunar landings too. In 1965 Omega Speedmaster chronograph was flight-qualified by NASA for all manned space missions. Omega also produced the ‘Moonwatch’, the first and the only watch to go on the moon. This timepiece still enjoys the attention of being the first watch on the moon.

The Innovative Ingredients

They have been pioneers of creations, the best in their field too. When you are looking for legendary timepieces which speak volumes about a brand then Omega is the place to go. The co-axial technology, silicon balance spring, liquid metal, cera gold technology has been excelled by this brand. Liquidmetal for instance is a name given to an alloy of metals made with Zirconium, Nickel, and several other metals. This alloy provides watches by Omega a strength, durability, and wear-free colours.

The James Bond Era

What's more, their watches have conquered Hollywood too. The famous James Bond series has been a witness to the protagonist sporting these watches time and again. The first movie in which Pierce Brosnan wore an Omega watch was GoldenEye, released in 1995. He sported an Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional 300m. Then came “Tomorrow Never Dies” in 1997 where James Bond has again adorned an Omega Seamaster 300m. Amazingly the X-rayed Seamaster had a starring role in the opening credits. In 2006 you see the new James Bond, Daniel Craig in a suave stylish avatar yet again sporting the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600mCo-Axial Chronometer. A perfect depiction of the long-lasting association of Omega and James Bond came out strongly yet again in Skyfall when Daniel Craig is spotted wearing an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. Both the names stand true to their principles of ultra-modern design and fashion sensibilities. Omega watches have seen the epitome of success and hence are leaders in the world of horology.

The Master Chronometer

From a line of Master Chronometer certified timepieces, Omega’s collection offers the epitome of watchmaking skills. The Master Chronometer certificate is awarded after 8 stringent tests and Omega holds two certificates of it. One can find a Master Chronometer in every collection of Omega. Be it DeVille, Speedmaster, Seamaster or Constellation. 

The Philanthropic Side

Apart from its watchmaking acumen, Omega is also known for creating awareness amongst its audience. One such project undertaken by Omega is the documentary called ‘Planet Ocean’. Made in collaboration with ‘GoodPlanet Foundation’ that supports sustainable development and ecology. 

Another such project is their collaboration with Orbis International and its flying eye hospital. This organisation provides young children with state of the art treatment. As hospitals can be a scary place for young children, Omega provides Orbis with teddy bears. This gesture instils these kids with much-needed emotion, comfort.

Omega offers a wide range of timepieces combined under collections. A few of these collections are the Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation, and DeVille.

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