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IWC Schaffhausen - Probus Scafusia

A personal favourite of modern Blues legend John Mayer who in an open letter to the brand described it as “Sleek, sturdy, and supremely confident.” IWC watches are known for their simplicity and reliability. Setting itself apart from the basic definition of luxury, this brand has made its way from being a mil-spec timepiece to the wrists of personalities such as Morgan Freeman, Jason Statham, and Kieth Richards from the English band, the Rolling Stones.

IWC Schaffhausen was founded by watchmaker Ariosto Jones in 1868 and since then they have been manufacturing mechanical timepieces. Their watches reflect a fused work of American production techniques and Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. During the first and the second world wars, IWC watches produced mil-spec pilot watches for the German air force. A sleek, sturdy, and supremely confident Flieger watch, it helped aces such as the Red Baron (Manfred Von Richtofen) and the Black Devil (Eric Hartmann) fly successful sorties throughout the war. This Flieger watch—after the war—became the famed Big Pilot. Apart from supplying the German Air Force, IWC also supplied the British Army with their W.W.W watches. A sign of reliability and precision, IWC watches were particularly popular with the upper echelon of the militaries worldwide. 

Even during the Quartz Crisis, a period where battery-powered watches were the dominating force in the horological arena, IWC watches came out as a strong contender. Especially in 1973, IWC celebrated the most successful year in the post-war world. This was primarily because of the Pellaton Winding System, a mechanism that protects the movement from shocks in the gear train.

Their timekeepers resemble a work of art and the brand focuses mainly on crafting high-quality and suave time tellers. Their watches speak volumes about the brand's novel spirit and high engineering skills. To mark their 125th anniversary in 1993, IWC watches came up with the world’s most complicated mechanical watch of that time called the Il Destriero Scafusia. These timepieces were limited to 125 pieces and included several complications such as tourbillon, split-seconds, minute repeater, and perpetual calendar.

After coming up with the world’s first mechanical depth gauge in 1999, IWC was acquired by the Richemont group. During the Richemont era, IWC came up with some unique and innovative materials for their timepieces. Such as the Cerantium (Ceramic Titanium), a material light and robust as titanium while being hard and scratch-resistant as ceramic. 

They craft timepieces that are well suited for any occasion and give you a perfect look by adorning your wrist. IWC Schaffhausen has established an international reputation with its commitment to innovation and technical inventiveness.

Pilot’s Watches

With the stride towards becoming a brand synonymous with innovation and reliability, IWC watches have been churning out accurate timepieces for aviators since the 1930s. These aviator watches are now not as useful for a pilot as they used to be but it still carries the same precision and practicality. For example, the Big Pilot’s perpetual calendar edition still adorns the 46mm dial and a big crown.

Apart from being purposeful, the Pilot’s Spitfire watch series is a tribute to the legendary fighter plane from the second world war, the Supermarine Spitfire. A propeller-driven fighter plane known for its technical prowess and agility. 

Similarly, the TOP GUN series with its black ceramic cases is a piece of refinement and draws its inspiration from the US Air Force’s elite pilot training program the TOP GUN.

Known for being aviator watches, the Pilot’s collection also includes the ‘Le Petit Prince’ collection. A set of special edition timepieces with blue dials commemorating the author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry whose novel ‘The Little Prince’ is one of the finest literary pieces in history.

The Portugieser

It was a pleasant year in 1939, the world was on the brink of another world war. During this, two Portuguese merchants approached IWC. They requested the manufacturers of a wristwatch with the accuracy of a pocket watch. Known for their movements such as the calibres 74 and 98, IWC decided to produce what was to be known as the Portugieser, a large and striking wristwatch. 

The war consumed this collection of timepieces but was resurrected in 1993 on the occasion of the company’s 125th anniversary. The Calibre 9828 was closely built upon the original movement inside the first Portugieser.

Since then, IWC Schaffhausen has produced Portugieser with various complications such as the Perpetual Calendar edition, the Tourbillon Mystere, the Yacht Club Chronograph, and the Annual Calendar.

The Portofino

Named after an Italian fishing village on the Ligurian coast, Portofino, this collection takes the puristic approach from the same village. Popular with both men and women, this timeless classic has an uncluttered dial with Roman numerals. Present timepieces such as the Portofino Automatic 34, the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase, and the Portofino Hand-Wound Tourbillon Retrograde are some of the finest pieces in this collection.

Da Vinci

The first IWC Da Vinci was equipped with the first Swiss-made quartz movement in 1969. Floating on the innovative personality of the collection, IWC came up with another Da Vinci this time inspired by the authentic elements of the renowned polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci with an autonomous perpetual calendar. Since then, in the footsteps of Leonardo, the Da Vinci collection has come equipped with certain first-timers. Such as the Da Vinci Ceramic Perpetual made with high-tech ceramic zirconium oxide. Now, the Da Vinci collection has timepieces such as The Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph, the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, and the Da Vinci Automatic 36.

The Ingenieur

The Ingenieur combines ruggedness and technical prowess in one timepiece. A tribute to the engineers of IWC, this collection is about precision inside a protective casing. Protection against magnetic fields, shock, and water is something that the engineers at IWC had in mind. This is something that is still the main characteristic of the Ingenieur collection. 

The Aquatimer

During the 1960s, diving as a sport was growing popular. IWC took charge of it and came up with the first Aquatimer. This collection also saw a unique collaboration with Porsche, this partnership saw the addition of an unlikely material in the world of watchmaking, titanium. In 1982, the Porsche Design Ocean 2000 was a timepiece with the strength to withstand pressure down to a depth of 2000m.

Now, the Aquatimer collection is a set of timepieces for both water and land-dwelling humans. 

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What is special about IWC?

IWC watches are truly a collector's delight with such flawless craftsmanship, state-of-the-art mechanisms, and rich materials. Loved for their pilot watches, IWC is one of the world's most popular luxury watch brands. All their watches, especially vintage models, retain their value for years and therefore, are equally popular in the pre-owned market.

Which are the most popular IWC collections in India?

The most popular collections IWC in India are:

Which are the most popular IWC watches for men in India?

The most popular watches for men by IWC in India are:

Which are the most popular IWC watches for women in India?

The most popular watches for women by IWC in India are:

Where can I get my IWC watch serviced?

One of the best luxury watch service centres in India is operated by Ethos Watches. Ethos Watch Care | Shop No 118-120, First Floor, Square One Mall, District Center Saket New Delhi - 110017 | Phone: +91 11 4142 1691, +91 93190 95793 | E-Mail: | URL:

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