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Ethos Watches is India's largest chain of luxury watch boutiques with 45 premium stores across the country. We are authorised retailers of over 61 luxury watch brands. We take pride in helping our customers choose the perfect watch for themselves or their loved ones, while protecting them from rampant malpractices in India such as smuggled, fake, and refurbished watches.

8 great reasons to buy a watch from ethos

  • Authorized Retailer

    Ethos is an authorized retailer with over 61 luxury watch brands. Every watch that we sell comes with the brand warrantee and also gets our Ethos stamp.

  • Trust

    Listed on the BSE, employing over 200 people in India, at Ethos ethics are an integral part of our DNA. You can be rest assured that your watch is a genuine piece warranted by the respective brand.

  • Largest Selection

    With 45 stores, over 6000 varied watches and more than 50,000 watches in stock at any given time, we have the largest selection in every brand.

  • Knowledgeable Staff And Great Boutiques

    Well trained staff and great looking boutiques ensure that we make shopping for watches an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

  • Dedicated After-Sales Staff

    We value your watch as much as you do. A dedicated team and state of the art facilities in multiple cities ensures that your watch ticks for generations.

  • Loyalty Programme

    As an Ethos patron you not only get access to points that you can collect and redeem regularly, but you also get invited to watch collector events, wine tasting sessions, factory visits in Switzerland, gifts, rewards and more!

  • You Are Protected Against Malpractices

    Luxury watch retail suffers from malpractices that you should be safeguarded against. Ethos is a professionally run business that deals only in officially imported watches, duly supported with customs documents.

  • Competitive Pricing

    In addition to presenting the best and latest collections from various brands, we also offer prices that are competitive with retailers from around the world.


Our endeavour is to make Ethos and the brands we retail as accessible to you as possible, with locations that are convenient for all

Across 13 cities

Prominently located in all major cities in India, Ethos is also growing its presence in smaller towns and urban centres

Watch Care

Ethos Watch Care

We service and repair over 60 of the world's top luxury watch brands. For all repair and service related queries,
please contact us between 10:30am and 6:30pm (Mon to Fri).

Service Helpline: +91-11-41552588Email: Customercare@ethoswatches.com

Know more about ethos watch care

Ethos is proud to present India's only helpline for luxury watches. The luxury watch helpline is your guide and concierge to luxury timepieces. Tell us the occasion and we'll match you a watch for it!

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Introducing the new Ethos App

Introducing the new Ethos App For Android and iOS

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