Ethos Watch Boutiques

8 Great Reasons to Buy A WATCH from Ethos

1. Authorized retailer

Ethos is an authorized retailer with over 50 luxury watch brands. We are authorized retailers of every watch that we sell and the watch comes with the brand warrantee which gets stamped by Ethos.

Be sure to always buy watches from authorized retailers. We urge you to be cautious of purchasing watches from other E-Commerce websites as they are not authorized retailers.

2. Trust

Ethos is India's largest chain of luxury watch boutiques with over 40 watch boutiques. It is listed on the BSE employing over 200 people in India. Ethics are an integral part of Ethos. You can rest assure that your watch is a genuine watch that has come to India after all the duties being paid. All our watches come with a warrantee from the brand itself.

3. Largest Selection

With 40 stores, Ethos has the largest selection of watches in every brand with over 5000 different types of watches and over 50,000 watches in stock at any given time.

4. Competitive pricing

Our prices are competitive with retailers from around the world if not lower.

5. Knowledgeable staff and great looking boutiques

Well trained staff and great looking boutiques ensure that we make shopping for watches and enjoyable experience that you will never forget.

6. Dedicated after sales staff

We know the value of after sales service and ensure that your watch keeps ticking for generations to come. We have a dedicated after sales service team that responds to complaints within 24 hours and state of the art service facilities in multiple cities in India.

7. Loyalty Programme

We not only give you the best prices but we also give you points that you can collect and use on your next purchase. These points have no restriction on them. As a customer of Ethos you get invited to watch collector events, brand parties, wine tasting sessions, factory visits in Switzerland, gifts, rewards and more!

Try it, then Buy it - Forget cash on delivery - try the watch in any of our stores or at your home and buy it only if you like it!

8. You are protected against malpractices

Luxury watch retail suffers from some malpractices that you should safeguard against. Refurbished watches are sometimes sold as new, and high quality fakes look very similar to genuine watches. Smuggled watches*, often offered at very attractive prices without a proper bill, can be especially risky. Ethos is a professionally run business, which deals only in 100% officially imported watches, duly supported with customs documents. Also, Ethos imports directly from the brands or their nominated subsidiaries, which ensure without the shadow of a doubt that the products are NEW and GENUINE. We urge you to always buy luxury goods from professional stores which only deal with 100% official import in order to protect yourself from malpractices.

*When a retailer sells a smuggled watch he is not in control of the watch at all times . It is often bought from retailers in other countries and not directly from the brand. It is carried into india in dubious conditions, often wrapped in tissue papers or worn on multiple wrists during the journey. Most crucial is that it might be a refurbished watch or even a fake, as there is no proof of where it has been purchased from. Many such cases have been reported .