The Fascinating Reason Behind 10:10 Time on  Clocks & Watches

The Truth Behind 10:10

Historical Context

From inventions to war and victory, various bizarre theories are linked to the significance of 10:10 on timepieces.

The Ultimate Tragedy

Linked to a long list of disasters, it was theorised that 10:10 was the time when the ultimate tragedy in Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place.

Dead American Presidents

Another compelling theory linked to this is that the time of death of iconic American presidents is 10:10, though it's inaccurate.

A symbol of Victory

Post-World War II, 10:10 on watches resembled a 'V', embodying victory and hope, despite lacking evidence.

The Truth

For some brands, the hands at 10:10 ensure unobstructed views due to guidelines, while for others, it's aesthetic.

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