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ReviewMovado Edge – A Daring New Experience Of Time

Movado and legendary designer Yves Béhar just re-imagined the iconic Museum dial and the result is spectacular

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Let me tell you a secret.

Broadly, there are two kinds of watches in the world. One that can be pegged as instruments of horology that focus on functionality and technical attributes, and then there are the artistic timepieces. This type centres on providing the wearer with a spectacular wearing experience whilst garnering appreciation from onlookers too.

The Movado Edge is definitely the latter!

Designed and created by Yves Béhar, a world famous industrial designer who has worked with industry giants like Apple, Google, GE, Samsung, Jawbone, Herman Miller and Prada. The Museum dial-inspired watch collection made a re-entry into the world of watches in Baselworld 2015 and horologists (including us) couldn’t be more excited!

A modern take on the iconic design, Yves Béhar’s re-interpretation of the classic Museum dial watch is awe-provoking with the ‘three-dimensional landscape’ of the dial. Apart from capturing the essence of the Museum dial, Béhar has achieved greatness by managing to instill an architectural aspect to the dial. His vision of the Movado Edge is “a three-dimensional sculpture, something that draws the eye into it and that has its own life.”

Keeping in mind the latest trends of the watch world, he conceptualised the watch with the sole purpose of creating “a new conversation, a new story.” and thus, laid great emphasis on the idea of depth and texture for the new watch.

Movado Edge Post 13
Movado Edge sticks to the minimalistic, simple and iconic structure of the Museum dial with a contemporary aura surrounding it
₹ 84,575
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Movado Edge Post 32
With a minimalistic aesthetic, the most interesting feature of the watch is the three-dimensional landscape of the dial
₹ 67,575
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Movado Edge Post 4
Cool and edgy, the Movado Edge is the perfect representation of modern art
₹ 46,750
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The Edgy Dial in Detail

Offering a pleasant view, the dial is decorated with what looks like an industrial turbine that changes every time light hits the dial. The textured landscape of the sand-blasted aluminium dial is sculpted with small valleys that literally shimmer differently with every touch of light and every glance. The dish-like shape of the dial with a concave centre is nothing like anything you would have ever seen on a watch before. With the solitary dot placed at 12 o’ clock, staying true to the iconic design, the Movado Edge still holds true of integrating a single hour indicator at 12 and the absence of a seconds hand.

In the words of Yves Béhar, “It is as though you are looking inside of a volcano, with ridges at the edges that indicate sections of time. We kept the iconic dot, but made it three dimensional, as well, so that it reaches off the dial toward the crystal and seems to float in space.

Movado Edge Post 17
The Museum Dial-inspired Movado Edge – designed and created by Yves Béhar
₹ 46,750
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Movado Edge Post 30
Yves Béhar has incorporated a 3-D to add a sense of depth and modernity to the classic blueprint of the Museum Dial
₹ 46,750
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Movado Edge Post 29
The textured landscape of the sand-blasted aluminium dial is sculpted with small valleys that shimmer differently with every touch of light and every glance
₹ 101,575
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Movado Edge Post 14
The entire Movado Edge collection is available in lug less steel cases strapped on sleek stainless steel bracelets & rubber and leather straps
₹ 46,750
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Minimalism at its Best

The Movado Edge collection, introduced earlier this year at Baselworld 2016 includes a series of new watches with a chronograph complication in enticing midnight blue and black dials. The chronograph versions also come with Arabic minute rings on the bezel of the timepiece.

The watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist with a lug-less steel case strapped on sleek stainless bracelets & rubber and leather strap, available in 42 or 40mm steel PVD cases in black, rose gold tone and yellow gold-tone finishes.

Movado Edge Post 28
The Movado Edge collection in collaboration with Yves Béhar is available in steel PVD cases in black, rose gold tone and yellow gold-tone finishes
₹ 67,575
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Movado Edge Post 24
A contemporary accessory for the modern man- the Movado Edge
₹ 46,750
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The Combination of Contemporary Art & Horology

One look at the Movado Edge and I guarantee it will transform you into another world with it futuristic design and details. Clean, clear and utterly pristine, the Movado Edge embraces art like no other watch before. A spirit of balance lingers around the entire timepiece creating an elusive rationality to it being powered by a quartz movement.

Movado Edge Post 16
The chronograph version of the Movado Edge includes a series of watches in enticing midnight blue and black dials

View the entire Movado Edge collection here

Movado Edge Post 2
Clean, clear and utterly pristine, the Movado Edge embraces art like no other watch before
₹ 84,575
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Yves Béhar – The man behind the Edge

Now that you have all the information about the watch, here is a little introduction to the artist himself:

A Swiss designer, entrepreneur, and currently one of the top designers of the world, Yves has always been a watch enthusiast. He once said, “Watches are a great way to think about how products should be designed to last”. He believes that what we wear “have to withstand constraints of life-water, dust, scratches”.

A self-admitted “contrarian”, Yves’s design are modern, minimalistic and revolutionary. Re-invention is what he strives towards and excels at. An entrepreneur, principal designer, and founder of the award-winning firm, Fuseproject, Yves Béhar is widely known as the Chief Creative Officer of the wearable technology company Jawbone.

Movado Edge Post 38
Ace Industrial Designer, Yves Béhar, is an entrepreneur and founder and principal designer of the award-winning firm, Fuseproject

“The Movado Edge collection is a spectacular new interpretation of Movado’s iconic signature. He [Béhar] hasn’t replaced the original Museum Dial, but has given it an artistic evolution, taking the Museum Dial to the edge.”

- Efraim Grinberg CEO and Chairman of Movado Group.
When asked about the project, Béhar recalls, “The Movado project was very exciting for me. What Nathan George Horwitt did with the Museum Dial was to create a long-lasting design. Very few other icons have been able to last nearly 70 years and still be in production and something people can relate to.

Taking on the challenge of re-creating a technically astounding yet an aesthetically appealing timepiece, the Movado Edge was indeed a task! But his  re-interpretation of the legendary ‘Museum Dial’ watch received rave reviews and appreciation from watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.The success of the Movado Edge is a testament to Behar’s understanding of watches and the latest watch trends. He made sure the dial remained the only attention-grabbing element of the entire watch whilst doing justice to the original Museum Dial.

Movado edge Post 55
The making of the Movado Edge in collaboration with Yves Béhar was a simple yet daunting task of recreating the magic of their most iconic “Museum Dial”
Movado Edge Post 23
Consisting of chronographs and time-only watches, the Movado Edge collection in collaboration with Yves Béhar is surely a watch to look out for!

Alfred North Whitehead, a great Mathematician, and an even greater philosopher once said, “Fundamental progress has to do with the reinterpretation of basic ideas”, and Yves Béharr has definitely re-imagined and re-interpreted the classic Museum Dial watch for better!

Discover the entire collection at Ethos

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(Image Courtesy: Movado & Ablogtowatch)

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