7 reasons why you should own a Casio G Shock (once in your life)

2:06 pm
Ever wondered why The Casio G-Shock is so popular around the world for so many years? Well, The Watch Guide just found out:
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Thoughts on “7 reasons why you should own a Casio G Shock (once in your life)

  1. Sachin

    I own a Multi Band 6, 20 Bar water resist. It’s a tough as nails, everyday grinder. I love my G !
    Thanks for the nice write-up :)

    1. Chen Puah

      I have the Ga110nm-2a model which is a very popular model along with the other ones in the metallic series. It’s durable , rugged, and waterproof which comes in very handy for me as I do diving and underwater dolphin kicks in my swim practices , meets and competitions. It gets very wet and it’s completely fine. It also comes with a ton of features which is great. Overall great value for your money

  2. TEJAS

    I have a Casio G Shock G Mix. It comes with loads of features. Love my watch.
    Awesome article here. Thanks.

  3. Agam

    I own the most popular g shock the GA-110GB-1ADR and i have been wearing it for around 2 years now and i feel happy to invest in it. The only problem i face is my thin wrist on which a g shock doesnt looks so good

  4. David Lawlor

    Mudman G-9300-1ER 4years old. Watersports, running, cycling, fishing and shooting. Toothbrush and some soap and it comes up like new.


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