At Ethos we are as passionate about the after-care of watches as we are about our customers investing in them. For the team at the repair and service facility, watch care is an intrinsic part of our DNA. As the authorized service centre for 16 of the world’s top luxury watch brands, we have a definite edge that also notably establishes our expertise in the field. All our service facilities are equipped with state of the art technology, handled by service experts. Veterans in their fields, these specialists provide professional advice to keep your watch in excellent condition, for this lifetime and future generations.In order to meet the complete set of needs of your timepiece, Ethos has a carefully selected array of services.

Battery check and replacement

The service facilities at Ethos replace over 6,000 batteries a year and we use only Renata Swiss Made batteries. During the battery replacement process we also check for any leaks that can be repaired at the same time.

Strap and bracelet replacement

At Ethos, we believe in offering endless possibilities by providing a diverse selection of replacement straps and bracelets for your invaluable timepiece. Finding the right replacement is therefore never a problem.

Bracelet link removal and adjustment

If it doesn’t fit well, it does not match up to your personality well enough. In order to ensure that your watch is a perfect fit, our professional staff provides sizing and other adjustment related services.

Service of movement

The top service experts at Ethos check and service the movement of your watch to ensure that it remains in good condition for years to come. Whether quartz or mechanical, our centres are equipped to provide exceptional service towards all movement types.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning procedure is designed to thoroughly clean the bracelet and case, ensuring that every timepiece dispatched from an Ethos workshop is in its original aesthetic specifications. The ultrasonic bath, conducted in a vessel that contains an electrolyte solution, converts electrical energy into high frequency sound waves which provides an exhaustive cleansing effect.

Complete Maintenance

The complete watch maintenance is a heavy duty overhauling of your timepiece. The service restores the watch to its original factory settings and adds years to its life. Amongst other things, it includes disassembly of the timepiece, its cleaning and the reassembly of the movementt wherein the parts suffering from wear and tear are replaced, thus significantly improving the accuracy of the watch.

Buffing and polishing

Everyone wants to retain the original shine of their watches and the Ethos service centres will not disappoint you in doing so. Our authorized facilities are equipped with expert staff and specialized instruments that will furnish your watch with a brand new sheen.


Often, mechanical watches are affected when they are exposed to magnetic fields that penetrate the internal components, resulting in reduced efficiency. This means that your watch can either lose or gain time. At Ethos, we conduct a test and wherever necessary, apply an inverse magnetic field to remove these magnetic charges thereby restoring the timepiece's normal function.

Water-resistance check

An extremely crucial watch care point is to protect your timepiece from water damage. Under this maintenance we lubricate gaskets and seals and replace them wherever necessary to ensure the continued water resistance of a watch.


At Ethos, our highly skilled watchmakers carry out restoration work on timepieces wherein we have authorization from the respective brands to do so. Requiring specific, detailed and extremely qualified work, only a select team is authorized to carry out such specialized work. To provide the best support to the watchmakers, the Ethos workshops are equipped with top notch tools and machines required for meticulous and precise work.


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To get your watch repaired or to avail other services, please reach out to our service concierge; we are always glad to assist our customers. You can speak with our service executive at 0172-5003267 between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm (Mon to Fri) or feel free to write to us at customercare@ethoswatches.com.

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