It’s time for your point check-up

Our watch docs are ready to give your timepieces some extra-special attention. Preventative care is of core importance to ensure that your watch remains in perfect working condition. A yearly water-resistance test and de-magnetization as well as a good polish or ultra-sonic clean is strongly recommended to keep your watch looking and functioning as good as new.
water resistance check

We lubricate gaskets and seals and replace them where necessary, ensuring continued water resistance.

magnetization check

Magnetization is caused by computers, televisions, etc and can cause your watch to either lose or gain time.

battery check

During the battery replacement process we also check for any leaks that can be repaired at the same time.

ultrasonic cleaning

Electrical energy is converted into high frequency sound waves, providing an exhaustive cleansing effect.

bracelet check

Under this service we inspect the bracelet by checking the pins and tightening or replacing screws.

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To get your watch repaired or to avail other services, please reach out to our service concierge; we are always glad to assist our customers. You can speak with our service executive at 0172-5003267 between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm (Mon to Fri) or feel free to write to us at

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