Collection Single Watch Winder
Color Black
Features LCD digital control, with battery system, embossed logo on right side
Material MDF with leatherette, PU leather outside, Grey velvet inside
Size 153 x 175 x 183 (mm)
Lock System Silver-plated front lock
Ethos  D-00605
  • Ethos  Single Watch Winder

Ethos Single Watch Winder
MODEL#: D-00605

MRP: Rs 30,000

Own this winder at an EMI of Rs 2,680

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Ethos Single Watch Winder
Model No:#D-00605
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Watch winders are devices built exclusively to wind automatic watches and also store them in case they are not being worn regularly. They ensure continued movement of the mechanical timepiece, thereby significantly reducing the risk of gummed oil in the watch mechanism. Continuous operation of a timepiece means no bothersome and time consuming adjusting of the moon phases, perpetual calendar, time zones and other settings. With a watch winder, you can enjoy the feeling of being able to wear a watch that is correctly set at all times. You can also store your beautiful masterpieces safely and prestigiously in a watch winder. Even when you are not wearing your watch you can take pleasure in the glorious appearance of your timekeeper. At Ethos Watches, you can get a watch winder at the most competitive price and enjoy the luxury of an everlasting time teller. Ethos watches is India’s largest authorised retailer of luxury watches, hence along with the best collection of watches comes the best of watch accessories too. The watch winder comes with an instruction manual that ensures easy usage.  

Below is a guide to the functional and operational aspects of a watch winder.

Functional scope:

  • LCD control
  • Individual programming - Each rotary disk can be programmed according to the requirements of the watch in question.
  • Standard programming - Watch winders are supplied with a factory setting of 900 rotations per day, whereby the direction of the rotation can change. This is the most common variant for winding up mechanical movements, but this can naturally be changed at any time.
  • Number of rotations - The number of rotations can be set to between 600 and 1800 rotations per day, according to the requirements of the watch movement.
  • Setting of rotations - Select the most suitable rotational direction for the movement of your watch. Simply press the button to select a rotation to the right, to the left or automatic direction change.

Location selection:

When selecting the correct location for your watch winder, please take note that to ensure a perfect winding result, it should be positioned on a horizontal surface.


Connect the power adapter into the input socket at the rear of the watch winder. Should you not use the watch winder for a longer period, we recommend disconnecting it from the power supply.

Winding up watches:

Press the watch holder together and holder together and carefully pull the watch over it. Release the pressure a little so that the watch holder adapts to the size of the strap circumference. Then place the watch cushion in the watch winder and start operation.

 Operating watch winders

Description of LCD display

  • 1st slot from left Indicates the selected rotary disk
  • 2nd slot indicates the selected memory channel - we recommend using only memory channel ‘0’
  • 3rd slot indicates the selected number of rotations per day
  • 5th slot denotes the selected rotational direction
  • The number below the first slot shows which rotary disks are activated


  • Line: Press the line key to switch from one rotary disk to the next
  • TPD: Press the TPD key to switch between 650, 900, 1350 and 1800 rotations per day
  • Press the arrow key to select the required rotational direction of the activated rotary disk
  • MCH: Press the MCH key to select the memory channel (we recommend using only memory channel ‘0’)
  • On/Off: Press the on/off key to activate or deactivate the selected rotary disk

Rotation modes:

Your watch winder passes through one interval per hour. Depending on the number of rotations selected the relation between the winding and resting phase changes. If automatic rotational change is activated, the rotary disk turns to the right 50% of the operating phase and 50% to the left.

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