Collection Meisterstuck
Case Material Resin
Features Ballpoint Pen
Color Red
Warranty Period 2 Years
Nib Metal
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Montblanc Meisterstuck

Model No: 113040
MRP: Rs 15,600

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Montblanc Meisterstuck
Model No:#113040
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About the Montblanc Meisterstuck Collection

The first Montblanc to be branded a Meisterstück, meaning masterpiece in German was launched in 1924 by the then Simplo Filler Pen company. It had a humble beginning and was initially meant as safety filling pens, bearing warranted nibs. With time it became legendary and began to be represented as an icon for writing instruments. In 1929, the number 4810 was engraved on a Montblanc nib for the first time. The number represented the height of the mountain that the company was named after. This started a trend and since then the number “4810” started finding its place on all Meisterstück nibs.

In 1952, the pen was further perfected and the Meisterstuck 149 was born. The designs of these pens were considered to be so flawless that for decades they remained untouched. In 1986, however, Montblanc diversified the range by launching the Solitaire Meisterstuck collection, a version of the Meisterstuck made from precious metals.

Being considered as purveyors of style and craftsmanship, Montblanc succeeded in making pens, which were a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The fluidity provided by these pens was incomparable. An unchanged set of traits continues to guide the Meisterstuck series. One of the most distinguishable attributes is the set of three gold plated rings on the barrel of each pen. Handcrafted gold nib and rhodium plated inlay are also common features present across the pens from this collection.

The earliest use of a Meisterstuck pen in history can be traced back to 1963 when John F. Kennedy offered the German chancellor Konrad Adenauer his Meisterstuck 149 and helped him out of a predicament. In 2004, cooperation between UNICEF and Montblanc was entered to fight the issue of prevalent illiteracy. 149 celebrities, which included names like Bianca Jagger, Mikhael Gobratchev, and Nadja Augermann were asked to write personal statements, starting with the sentence, “I like to write because” with Meisterstuck 149 fountain pens. These pens and statements were later auctioned and the proceeds went to UNICEF.

2014 celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Meisterstuck Collections. An extremely compelling advertisement, featuring Hugh Jackman was launched on the occasion. The narrative is compelling as Jackman narrates how Meisterstuck pens have been responsible for telling stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow, stories of inspiration, hard work and dedication since 1924.

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