Never before has a divers watch been created of this caliber. The Aquis Depth Gauge by Oris has taken diving to a whole new level. An inimitable combination of revolutionary and unique features along with a highly functional and aesthetic design makes the watch a collector’s item. A quintessential divers watch, the Depth Gauge is every ambitious divers aspirational choice.

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Introducing Aquis Depth Gauge

A first ever watch that let's water inside to measure the depth of the ocean.


Robert Boyle (1627 – 1691) was a leading intellectual figure of the 17th century and one of the founders of modern chemistry. He was the first prominent scientist to perform controlled experiments and publish his work with details concerning procedure, apparatus and observations. He began to publish in 1659 and continued to do so for the rest of his life.


It is Boyle's Law for which he is most famous and which states that if the volume of a gas is decreased, the pressure increases proportionally. Since this principle was independently discovered by the French Edme Mariotte (1620 – 1684) the law was named after both scientists.

The Oris Invention ®

Oris product engineers were the first to apply the Boyle-Mariotte Law into the top crystal of a watch by milling a small channel into the side of a sapphire crystal. The channel runs anticlockwise round the sapphire glass, stopping between one and two o'clock. At 12 o'clock, an inlet leads to this channel. The special sapphire crystal is about 50% thicker than an average watch top crystal, domed and anti-reflection coated on both sides. Oris patented this invention in 2012.

The Case Construction

Oris used a proven diver case from the Aquis collection and combined it with the newly invented sapphire crystal. The join between the crystal and the case is sealed by a Zytel® gasket (shown in yellow). Despite the milled channel (shown in blue) the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge is water-resistant to 50 bar/500m, thus providing the highest protection to the mechanical movement with automatic winding.


When descending with the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge, water enters into the milled channel through the inlet at 12 o’clock of the sapphire crystal. The increasing water pressure compresses the air inside the channel. The water causes the color of the channel to become dark grey. The edge between dark grey (water) and light grey (compressed air) marks the depth on the yellow metre scale on the inside of the sapphire crystal. For enhanced readability the sapphire crystal has a non-reflective treatement on both sides.


The new Oris Aquis Depth Gauge is a compact high quality timing and depth measuring instrument. The black ceramic inlay of the unidirectional revolving top ring has an engraved 60 minute scale, with individual minute lines from zero to fifteen. The white Super-LumiNova® applied to the hands and indices, gives not only excellent visibility underwater but also one of the longest lasting luminosities of all Super-LumiNova® colours. The high contrast yellow metre scale printed on the inside of the sapphire crystal emphasises the well-balanced technical look.


Diving has reached new depths with the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge watch. Famous for their specialist contributions in the field of diving, Oris has been at the fore front of watch innovations, with divers expecting the highest standards from each of Oris's diving timepieces. Taking on from their experience gained in the creation of the ProDiver and the Aquis family of watches, the manufacturer recognized the need for a diver's watch which would meet some very specific criteria. First of all, the watchmakers at Oris wanted to develop a
timepiece that would build on the revolutionary Aquis that is water-resistant to 500 m, has a robust automatic mechanical movement and a 60 minutes timer scale on the unidirectional revolving top. Next, they wanted to incorporate an extremely precise, responsive and reliable depth gauge within the watch mechanism, such that it does not add much to the complexity, weight or volume of the timepiece. Last but not the least, an important objective was to maintain an exceptional value for money ratio. And so was created the superlative Oris Aquis Depth Gauge.

The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge, An all-in-one Set.

The packaging of the Depth Gauge perfectly complements the character of the watch. To begin with, the case is waterproof – an apt presentation for a divers watch of such calibre. Housed within the case is a replacement metal bracelet, a set of tools to change the strap and a certificate that contains details on the Oris Depth Gauge. To complete the set, the brand has also included a specially configured sapphire crystal cleaning device for diving enthusiasts.

real watches for real people

For 110 years Oris has been engineering purely mechanical timepieces in Switzerland – the heart of the watchmaking world. Recognized by the distinct red rotor, the symbol of Oris mechanics, the brand has made a mark in the fields of diving, aviation and motor sport. There are many good reasons to own an Oris watch, the most significant one being that the brand only produces mechanical watches that are crafted by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen.

"Oris has been manufacturing watches in the village of Hölstein in the Jura Mountains since 1904, without interruption. We have always made mechanical watches."
The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge
Oris Aquis Depth Gauge
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