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Maserati Watches - The Neptune’s Protégé

A brand synonymous with luxury and superior engineering, Maserati, for a century now have successfully combined elegance, Italian style, and extraordinary versatility to the world of luxury cars. And they celebrated 100 years of their existence by bringing their illustrious legacy to the world of luxury watches. 

Founded by Alfieri Maserati in 1914, Maserati watches was founded as an organization famed for making automobiles. Playing a major role in the development of motorsports and luxury cars, Maserati was nowhere related to the horological world up until today. The finesse of Quattroporte, the opulent stance of Levante and the never-ending admiration for romantic lines of Ghibli all plants into the watches manufactured by Maserati. 

This infatuation with creating a mechanical prodigy aspired Maserati to launch a series of watches specially curating to the horological enthusiasts. One can experience the watchmaking acumen of Maserati watches at a very affordable price and this makes them more popular. 

The design spectrum of the brand is primarily based upon the daring decision-making abilities and the legacy surrounding it.

Inspired by the Trident of Neptune, the Roman equivalent of Poseidon, Maserati’s logo inscribes the long association of the brand with an Italian city called Piazza Maggiore. Built from scratch in their workshop, Maserati watches are distinctly characterized by a refined design and great attention to detail. The presence of the Maserati logo, the iconic Trident, adds to the overall exclusivity and luxury of each watch. Maserati watches truly represent a marriage of sleek Italian designs with automotive inspiration in the form of luxury materials and detailing, all of this available at a surprisingly affordable price. The collections under the Maserati brand are divided into sects named Lifestyle, Design, Sport, and Classic.

The Competizione

Maserati watches have been in a business where competition mattered and was necessary for survival. 

Owned by Ferrari, Maserati has been inside the game of producing top-notch products for a long time and this reflects on the Competizione series. The series is known for its dial which resembles a dashboard from the 60s Maserati. The three chronographs are located at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 3 o’clock. 

The GranTurismo

Deriving its name from the Ferrari Enzo rival, GranTurismo. This series is a mesmerizing tribute to the heart and lungs of the machine, a V8 engine. The 4.6L engine is a synchronised orchestra of mechanical parts and delivers a whopping 460hp. The ‘V8’ insignia stamped on the dials pays homage to that burbling engine.

The Pole Position

In a bit to embrace Maserati’s motorsport heritage, the watchmakers at Maserati came up with the Pole Position series. A term extensively used in the world of motorsports for the frontrunners of every race. This series is about the know-how of being the frontrunner in every situation.

The Epoca

A series of watches resembling the Italian heritage of the brand. With clean lines and clutter-less dials, this series is for the soul known for the minimalistic approach.