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Frederique Constant - Fiercely Independent

Established in 1988, Frederique Constant is based in Geneva and is considered an expert in Swiss watchmaking. Named after its founders Frederique Schreiner and Constant Stas, Frederique Constant is still a family-owned business. The brand’s managing director is Mr Peter Stas, a 4th generation descendant of Constant Stas.

Their mission lies in expanding their reach not only to the elite circle but also to those who are watch enthusiasts and are looking for sophisticated designs at more accessible prices. Every timepiece is created in a controlled environment, utilizing the most recent equipment, accordingly prompting the assembling of accurate timepieces. The timepieces so crafted are an amalgam of classical and traditional methods. A self-sustainable brand, Frederique Constant is known for its manufacturing capabilities too. From manufacturing in-house movements to marketing, Frederique Constant is efficient and provident.

Tradition, together with exceptionally creative novelty has been the hallmark of Frederique Constant since the time it was established. Beauty and technical perfection have been their key parameters and they speak of unparalleled precision, grand mechanics, and fine quality. According to the brand, luxury is all about natural quality and the owner’s experience of utilization. It is a self-indulgence that comes with the inclusion of finer things in life. Frederique Constant is proud to have Ines Sastre, a world-famous model, actor, and UNICEF representative as the company’s female charity ambassador. The brand showcases expertise in watchmaking and their timepieces have adorned the wrist of both men and women for many years. The collections inside the Frederique Constant watches are Manufacture, Classics, Highlife, Slimline, Ladies Automatic, Yacht Timer, Runabout, Vintage Rally Healy, and Smartwatch.


Standing true to its values of design, innovation, passion, and quality—Frederique Constant possesses a collection of meticulously crafted timepieces. Few of these timepieces are equipped with the internally ideated and manufactured movement called the ‘Manufacture’. The watches equipped with these movements have complications such as Moon Phase, Perpetual Calendar, and World Timer.

The Highlife

One such collection to adorn the ‘Manufacture’ movement is the ‘Highlife’ collection. Apart from the movement, the strap built into the case is another unique factor of this collection.


Adding a few limited editions to their collection, Frederique Constant celebrates the Runabout Yachts from the 1920s with their Runabout collection.

The Vintage Rally Collection

To commemorate their 15 years of association with Austin Healey, Frederique Constant came up with the Vintage Rally collection. A tribute to the British car manufacturer, the Vintage Rally collection is equipped with FC-345 calibre with a 38-hour power reserve.

The ‘Ladies Automatic’ collection is particularly crafted to bring out the sophisticated and feminine side of women. With a touch of elegance coupled with passion, the Ladies Automatic collection radiates the sumptuous nature of the brand.

Hybrid Manufacture - Smartwatch

In this tumultuous world of technology, Frederique Constant clasped the gap between heritage and technology by bringing years of horological acumen coupled with modern perspicacity. Frederique Constant achieved this by combining the craftsmanship of a mechanical watch with the complexities of a smartwatch in a collection known as ‘Hybrid Manufacture’. This hybrid watch is equipped with a 24h indicator, activity tracker, Bluetooth, dual time, sleep monitor, and world time.

Frederique Constant has strived now and again with innovative ideas and passion. By bringing luxury to the masses, this brand has created a name for itself in terms of acumen and innovation.

Brand Video

Frederique Constant Classics - FC-270EM4P5

Frederique Constant Classics

This watch is unique and elegant in style. It gives a satisfaction to the user for the brand name and Swiss make. It has price for the value and features to be on the wrist.

By Ashok Mishra

Frederique Constant Classics - FC-292MC4P6

Frederique Constant Classics

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Elroy Pereira

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Frederique Constant Manufacture - FC-718WM4H4

Frederique Constant Manufacture

This watch has been exquisitely crafted with gold plated case encasing a dial with the world map embossed on it and a beautiful brown leather strap to go with it which is both elegant and aristocratic.But more than beauty and aesthetic appe...view more

Pratyay Bhattacharya

By Pratyay Bhattacharya

Frederique Constant Slimline - FC-206MPWD1S6

Frederique Constant Slimline

Frederique constant is a Swiss brand headquartered at geneve. The brand is famous for its simplicity in design offered at attractive prices. The quality of the timepieces are comparable with Rado, Balmain and few others. The slimline is t...view more

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